TriYoga 39 and Chant Club in Shenzhen, China

///TriYoga 39 and Chant Club in Shenzhen, China

Yogini Kaliji celebrated TriYoga’s 39th anniversary from January 2–6 with a program of TriYoga and Chant Club at UYoga in Shenzhen, China. On January 5th, over 100,000 online participants in China joined the TY39 celebrations live.

Kaliji and the TYI Team arrived in Shenzhen on Dec 31 and welcomed the New Year with Chinese TY teachers.

Kaliji was welcomed to UYoga with excitement and enthusiasm.

Kaliji offered two TriYoga sessions daily.

Daily jnana flow (yoga wisdom) with Kaliji included mantra and yoga sutras. She was joined by special guest Dr. Raghavendra Pai, a Samskrtam and yoga scholar from Mysore, India who has organized ten TriYoga yatras (teaching tours) with Kaliji in India. Dr. Pai taught students to chant the mantras and sutras, a perfect complement to Kaliji’s translations and philosophy.

Beginning January 4, Chant Club rocked for three successive nights with Kaliji on vocals and keyboard, Berni on guitar, and Prasann on tabla.


TY39 Anniversary ~ Jan 5, 2019

The January 5th program was headlined by a Chant Club performance followed by the debut of Chant Club’s first CD (available in Spring 2019)!

Kaliji was honored on the stage by Dr. Pai, who also inaugurated the event with Vedic mantra.

The program included demonstrations of TriYoga and tai chi by TY teachers.


UYoga owner Maitri and business manager Mr. Zhu presented Kaliji with original calligraphy artwork, painted by Mr. Zhu, of the Chinese characters for “TriYoga.”

Dr.Pai was honored for his teaching during during the 5-day program.

Kiki provided Chinese interpretation for Kaliji’s classes. Kaliji announced Kiki as the newest (and first Chinese) member of the senior-level TYTT team—1st level.

Rishi, Santoshi, and Ganga offered alignment assistance during TY classes.

The team of junior-level TYTTs Xin Mei and Sisi offered assistance for TY39.


TriYoga teacher and students from across China traveled to Shenzhen for the chance to enjoy satsanga with Kaliji and TriYoga family.

The UYoga café provided delicious and varied vegan meals.


TY Teachers Xiao Ping Gai, Ramdev and Devika made the decision on January 5 to follow a vegan lifestyle.

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