TriYoga at Lao College of Zhongnanshan China

///TriYoga at Lao College of Zhongnanshan China

TriYoga at Lao College of Zhongnanshan, China

June 19, 2016

Lao_College_Kiki_Santoshi_MaiLe_IvyTYC Guangzhou director Ivy invited Santoshi to present TriYoga at the conference of the Zhongnanshan meditation group.  Santoshi was joined by Level 3 teacher and translator Kiki, and greeted by their group leader, MaiLe.

The afternoon program included a demonstration by Santoshi and Kiki, and an introduction to TriYoga practices. Over 400 participants from all parts of China enjoyed the class, learning simple seated and standing postures, breathing and meditation techniques, and the Devi mudra sequence.

TriYoga was represented also by TY teacher Tuo Xia (from Langzhou, in the far west of China), TYC Xi’An director Yu Feng, TY enthusiast Sheng Ping, Shanghai-based teacher Ji Fang, and Karima, who has been involved with TriYoga since she began working at UYoga in Shenzhen in 2009.  The colorful team provided curious participants with information about TriYoga and about the upcoming Conference and Concert in Dalian, China in September.

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