TriYoga Anatomy in Massachusetts

///TriYoga Anatomy in Massachusetts

June 11-13, Stephanie and John were at the TriYoga Center in Waltham, MA for an Anatomy Essentials weekend. Teachers, interns and TriYoga students came together for an overview of the muscular and skeletal system, focusing on individual anatomical differences and how they may effect postures and practices. Participants also learned about injury prevention, modifications for different body types, and the profound benefits of the variety of postures included in TriYoga sadhana.

Students coloring in the Anatomy Coloring Book while Stef explains the skeletal varieties of the shoulder joint.

Stef demonstrating the rotation of the hips in Side Warrior.

Host Brahmi (to skeleton’s left) also gave lessons in nutrition — she brought delicious vegan smoothies for all!

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