TriYoga 40 in Macau

///TriYoga 40 in Macau

TriYoga®’s 40th Anniversary was celebrated with Yogini Kaliji over January 3–5, 2020 at the beautiful Grand Coloane Resort in Macau, China! Yogini Kaliji offered daily TriYoga Programs and Chant Club performed each night, and the stunning sights of Macau were enjoyed during an evening cruise in the Macao harbor. TriYoga teachers offered additional classes on different topics. Participants enjoyed three fantastic vegan meals each day.

The final day of the program on January 5, the date marking 40 years since the first miracle of Kriyavati Siddhi manifested through Kaliji and brought TriYoga into the world, was a grand celebration with a an evening filled with special events!

January 3

Kaliji arrived for the first program and placed her name on the sign board, which was soon filled with signatures, messages, and greetings from participants. Pictured with Kaliji, left to right, are TriYoga teacher and translator Kiki and local Macau coordinators for the event, TriYoga teachers Sabrina and Wen Ying.

A pervasive atmosphere of great excitement and joy greeted Kaliji, with eager participants from China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA all gathered for the auspicious celebration inauguration!

Kaliji guided the opening Prana Vidya class, which completed with an aura of peaceful meditative silence.

Dr. Ragavendra Pai joined Kaliji online from India to guide a class in Sanskrit. Participants practiced pronunciation following Dr. Pai’s melodious, rich voice, and also practiced reading and writing.

Jasmin, from USA, offered a TriYoga Chair class. She has taught TY Chair for many years to students of all ages, particularly with seniors.

January 4

Partner Stretch and Prana Vidya classes with Kalijji

Dr. Miguel Rivera, from Florida, offered a session in Medical Yoga.

January 5

The beautiful day of TriYoga’s 40th anniversary began with an impromptu gathering for a group photo.

Kaliji’s TriYoga program included Art and Science of Yogaflow, concluding with a magical and powerful demonstration of Asana-Pranayama-Mudra.

Kaliji was welcomed to the special January 5 evening program with a red carpet lined with happy, singing TriYogis holding candles.

A phenomenal vegan birthday cake for TriYoga, made locally in Macau!

The TriYoga Teacher Training Prana Vidya manual was released in Chinese translation.

Demonstrations of dance and tai chi by local Macau performers.

A group from TriYoga Center Chongqing demonstrated beautifully synchronized TriYoga Yogaflow®.

Chant Club tabla maestro Prasann, from Goa, India, organized a skit featuring himself, Kiki, Ekaterina (Austria), and Santoshi (USA). Prasann and his family have a long tradition of producing, directing, and acting in local theatrical productions.

The original song “TriYoga Forever,” written by TY teacher Wen Ying (one of the coordinators for TY 40), was performed by TY teacher Ma Xinmei (vocals) and Chant Club guitarist Berni. Everyone was united in song, joining Ma Xinmei in joyous celebration.

The performers!

Chant Club

Chant Club’s nightly performances were the feature of the evening programs, culminating with an electrifying set on January 5! Kaliji’s powerful, melodious voice and harmonium, Berni’s rocking guitar, and Prasann’s joyful rhythm brought everyone dancing to their feet during every performance.

Moments from each Chant Club performance

The happiness and energy of the dancers is a feature of Chant Club!

Chant Club “fan club!”

Chant Club: Kaliji, Berni (right), Prasann (left)

Kaliji and Prasann celebrated 10 years of friendship. Their magical meeting began in Goa, where Kaliji was leading a TriYoga retreat and Prasann joined as a locally renowned tabla player. Kaliji began tabla lessons with Prasann, and their friendship and musical partnership unfolded.

The event organizing team: Wen Ying, Kiki, and Sabrina

TriYoga International secretary Hari always busy and always serving behind the scenes.

The TY teacher team of assistants offered classes and helped to support KALIJI’s programs.

Huizhu and Vicky presented Kaliji with their banner “TriYoga Making the World Smile.”

Japanese TriYoga teacher Emi shares a birthday with TriYoga on January 5!

Inauguration of TriYoga Center Macau

On January 6, Kaliji inaugurated TriYoga Center Macau! TYC coordinators and teachers Sabrina and Dano have hosted TriYoga trainings and classes at their yoga and fitness studio in Macau since 2016. This beautiful new space is entirely dedicated to TriYoga.


Spectacular views and priceless memories with Kaliji were enjoyed on an evening boat cruise through the Port of Macau harbor.

While on the boat, Kaliji released the TY40 t-shirts!

Karaoke on the boat was a bit hit!

Spectacular views from the Grand Coloane Resort, which hosted the TY40 celebration.

The lights from the many world-famous hotels and casinos in Macau were enjoyed from an open-air bus trip through the city.

Amazing sights and a vegan meal inside the incredible hotels.

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