TriYoga 38 Celebrations in Brovary, Ukraine

//TriYoga 38 Celebrations in Brovary, Ukraine

Happy Birthday Tri Yoga!

On the day celebrating the 38th anniversary Tri Yoga all over the world,
Tri Yoga Center Brovary celebrated this day by holding free classes for all students.

Each of us is grateful to KALIJI for her gift to the whole world and the opportunity to experience the magic TriYoga every moment.

TYC Brovary students and teacher Eduard Khrapay celebrating TriYoga.
Kiev-based teacher Olena Nedashkovskaya (left) and her student.
Сongratulations for Kaliji from us:
Nadya Panova – I am sincerely grateful to Kaliji for the opportunity to practice the Tri Yoga that fills and transforms my life in every moment.
Nataliya Demchenko & Polina – I am grateful to KALIJI for the wisdom of the knowledge that she gives. Because I’m in contact with Kaliji, I’m changing! This is the most valuable! I am grateful to KALIJI, for the fact that TriYoga changes the world, brings people health and peace of mind! I am grateful to KALIJI for TriYoga, because now for me the whole world is my family 🙂
Novikova Olena – I sincerely thank you for the knowledge and the indicated Way of presence in breathing and movement!
Alina Drogina – I thank Kaliji for the TriYoga and for the opportunity to know myself through the practice!
Maya Zagoruiko – JGD! Thank you for the purity and depth for light and knowledge, for a new themselves. Sat Chit Ananda.
Olga Tereschenko  – Dear Kaliji, thank you for the TriYoga came to us. Thanks for the opportunity to belong to a large and friendly TriYoga family, for the ability to grow. I wish prosperity for our TriYoga, more teachers and students in every country. With love, Olya.
Anna Radishevskaya – Happy birthday, TriYoga family!
Thank You, Kaliji, for the knowledge!
It’s a blessing to transform myself every day and to see how other people around you change also.
Jaya Guru Devi
Svitlana Osinska (second from left) – I wholeheartedly wish Kaliji health and really want TriYoga to enter the heart of as many people around the world as possible, in all countries without exception! And we will, as far as possible and with the blessing of Kaliji, contribute to this. From Spain 😉
Aditi – My family loves and thanks Tri Yoga that has come into our lives! Every member of my family, my mother, sister, children and husband – each of them at least once tried to practice Tri Yoga .. and even if one of them has not left her for herself a favorite practice, I see how she continues or starts, gently and confidently influence their destinies. The magic Universe! Tri Yoga Magic! Love YOU, KALIJI!
Anastasia Astafyeva, Alyona Nedashkovskaya – We join all congratulations and wishes, with LOVE.
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