TriYoga 38 at TYC Santa Cruz

//TriYoga 38 at TYC Santa Cruz

January 26–28, 2018

Santa Cruz, CA

Yogini Kaliji taught a weekend program at the first TriYoga Center, TYC Santa Cruz,  to celebrate the 38th anniversary of kriyavati, the spontaneous flow of TriYoga through Kaliji.

The weekend was a “family reunion” with students and teachers from around the country gathering to share TriYoga flows, Prana Vidya and satsang.  Many TriYoga teachers came with their students, excited to come to “the source” and meet Kaliji. Berkley-based teacher Pam (upper left) brought 4 students with her– and several said they would make regular trips to Santa Cruz for weekend classes. Mary Kemper from Cincinnati also came with 4 students who appreciated the California sunshine. Manu from Malibu and Anasuya from Santa Cruz, both long-time friends of Kaliji, shared a laugh together after the class.



The celebration included  four flow workshops which comprised of Prana Vidya, Mudra, and Kaliji’s unique and delightful teaching.  Due to TriYoga’s systematic flows, students and teachers of all levels practice together, increasing strength and flexibility throughout.

Saturday evening Kaliji offered a Q&A session where she answered questions about ancient yoga texts, deep philosophical concepts, and modern challenges: all in down-to-earth, accessible and understandable language. One student, after meeting Kaliji for the first time, said “She has answered the burning questions of my life!”

TYC Santa Cruz senior-level teachers Nandi and Tarini demonstrated and assisted, along with traveling teachers Santoshi and Gina. Gina and her daughter, TY teacher Angela, also taught a Partner Stretch class on Friday afternoon.

The program was also available for KRIYA members on”RadioWaves”– an audio-only live broadcast of the events.  Flow-ers from across the US and around the world listened in and flowed along.

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