TriYoga 37 Celebrations Around the World

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TYC Central Pennsylvania

TriYoga Central PA joined together for satsang and sadhana. The sun graced us with its presence as we laughed, flowed and stretched into Level 2.

TYC Brovary ~ Ukraine

The TriYoga Center in Brovary had their annual Kriyavati Party.  Attendance was limited by extreme weather — but snowstorms and low temperatures didn’t keep these flow-ers from coming together to share their love of Yogini Kaliji and the gift of TriYoga.

TYC co-Director Nadia wrote:

This is my anniversary too as for 10 years now I have worked only as a TriYoga teacher.  AND that is the big reason I have to be very thankful to Dearest Kaliji. I send to her my great thanks and my love.

Shenzhen ~ China

Jaya Guru Devi Dearest Kaliji,

I did the vegan hot India latte in the morning to celebrate  Happy Triyoga 37.  and share with the students.

Happy Triyoga 37!
Love you

TYC Allershausen, Germany


TY Community Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany


Dearest Kaliji,
A very Happy New Year to you!
Congratulations on your 37th aniversary of Kriyavati today
We are very very grateful to you for bringing TriYoga into the world, into our lives and giving us a simple way to get back into the Flow again.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin in March.
Love from Urvasi and Keith

Oregon, USA


TriYoga Moscow, Russia

Happy,happy,happy day!
Dearest Kaliji!
Congratulations to Kaliji and all people in  the World!
Happy Birthday to Tri Yoga, Kalji, Shakti
Grateful so much.
Celebrating with Kaliji and all of Tri Yogis in the World !!!Love and devotion.

Jaya Guru Devi 💖 My dearest Kaliji 💖

There is always place for a miracle in life. They happen every single day, big and small, visible and invisible, significant and insignificant. Like beautiful flowers they blossom 🌸 in the Creature’s garden.
And once upon a time the garden was suddenly filled with evasive aroma irresistibly attracting to itself the purest hearts 💕 resonating with them with the subtlest vibrations.
Day by day the tiny button bursting into flower 🌸 became more and more beautiful, stronger and stronger. It appeared to nourish numerous souls with its Divine nectar, to calm down, to open the instant mystery of life, to bring the Truth.
It blossomed in the most beautiful heart in the Universe!
My adorable and adored Kaliji 💖 My dearest Guru 💖 My precious Goddess 💖 I bow 🙇 to the Divine and thank you for this amazing gift for the whole humankind!
Always with you together in bliss.
I remain with
Warmest hearted regards,
In the Flow 💕
Loving and devoted Julia
Jai Lakshmi 💕
Jai Sarasvati
Jaya Guru Devi 💖

Santa Cruz, USA

Happy Kriyavati✨

I am eternally past, present and future grateful for the light🌟, love💜 and TY💫 you so graciously allow to flow through you to this planet.  You are the glow of Love, Kindness and Compassion for all animals, for earth for the universe.   Thank you for sharing this flow~~~

I LOVE YOU, tarini😻


Atlanta, USA 

JGD Darling Kaalijii,

On the eve of what I think of as TY New Year, I’m sending you extra drops of love and appreciation.  Thank you for teaching me, I love and appreciate every ounce of wisdom you have brought to the planet.

Jaya Kriyaavati


Vienna, Austria


Thank YOU so much 

Philadelphia, USA


Jaya Guru Devi Dear Kaliji,

Paige and I wish you a very Happy TriYoga Birthday!

Please see picture of Paige’s mudra which she flowed into on her own today. She loves mudras and always enjoys stopping what ever she is doing to try flowing lotus mudra. I feel very blessed to have her feel them so deeply.

We are so happy that Bindu and Shaun are back in PA sharing their love and knowledge with us. Paige particularly loves all the music they share too. Jonathan and I bought her a ukulele to help keep her inspired to sing and play.

Thank you for everything and being a daily inspiration.


Much love,


JGD Kaliji,

Happy Kriyavati!!!!

Wishing you and all the flow-ers a beautiful day celebrating!

I am forever grateful for the beauty TriYoga has brought into my life.  The blessing are abundant! Feeling very grateful, joyful and blissful.

Yesterday on the eve of TriYoga’s birthday, I had an interview for yoga. It went well. Hoping to share TY with more souls soon!

At the TY centre we had a beautiful class last night with seven beautiful souls flowing, smiling, laughing and blissful. The joy everyone was expereinceing was very evident on the outward smile that was reflecting the inner happiness.

With absolute joy, gratitude, appreciation and love wishing TriYoga a happy Kriyavati!

Pranams  10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000008

Barnaul, Russia
Dearest KALIJI,
Today is such a special day! Thank YOU for this amazing and healing method of TriYoga 😇
I feel so blessed to know YOU and even more happy to be so closely connected!🙏
I wanted to share with YOU today something – I have a plan to start teaching TY 😊, It is so responsible for me, but now I feel determined, ready and excited…. this is my first new important step I want to take in my new life!And another piece of news is that Bala has turned 10 today, on this 5th of January:).
We both are sending our warm hugs and much love.

Zhuhai, China


Dearest my most beautiful and great Mata❤❤❤

Happy TY 37!
Love you always.
And miss you…
Your cute daughter

Long Island, USA

Jaya Guru Devi

Dearest Kaliji,

I had many happy thoughts of our TriYoga community this weekend. My gratitude to you for these most beautiful and sublime flows never ceases but only grows deeper.

I am very excited about Mother’s Day weekend retreat on Long Island!!!

In the flow,



Sarasota, FL , USA

Katya came from Georgetown, KY to Sarasota, FL and celebrated Kriyavati with “the G’s” (Dr G and Ganga) along with Shakti and Rani.

KV_FL_SatsangKatya writes: “Celebration started in the early morning with TY flows and Pranayama Vidya. It continued in the evening with take out from vegan restaurant, then we were able to join  Santa Cruz for the workshop with Kaliji via Adobe.

Then we played and sung few chants with Ganga on guitar and voice, Dr. G on bass guitar and Katya on dholak to complete the celebration. 
Our furry friends had joined us for the party.”

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