TriYoga 35 Celebrated Around the World

///TriYoga 35 Celebrated Around the World


Nev_celebrationOn January 5th, the TriYoga Center in Nevinnomyssk, Russia hosted a TY35 party!

TYC Director (and Level 2 teacher) Shanti shared stories about TriYoga and about Kaliji, then led the group in chants. There were vegan treats for all, and the students shared their memories of meetings with Kaliji and TriYoga. Everyone said they felt the presence of Kaliji among them.

One of the students, Helen, drew a beautiful picture of Kaliji and everyone wrote their words of love and gratitude onto the poster, which is now on display at the TriYoga Center.

All were happy understanding that TrYyoga is a path of joy, harmony, prosperity and love.


TriYoga 35 was celebrated in TYC Siberia, in Altai Mountains.

TriYoga Siberia celebrating TriYoga 35

Dearest and beloved KALIJI!
The fire of our hearts to You and our Happy 35th anniversary of TriYoga from TYC Siberia and Ananda! May TY Flow overflow the world, reaching every corner of the  Universe! With all our love we wish prosperity, happiness, harmony, Love, Bliss, Joy, Miracles, Peace, Gifts, Inspiration, Divine Fire to You, LIGHT-ful Kaliji and to all TY Family! We are all together with You on this Holy and Magical day! Our endless Love and Gratitude to Kaliji! We Love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE You!
Jaya Guru Devi


TriYoga Center Brovary TriYoga35

Jaya Guru Devi, Kaliji!

From your students in Ukraine.
All we have are happy going into the magical world of Tri Yoga.
All we are happy to continue this way.
From our hearts to yours. With love.

Jaya Guru Devi 🙂



Jays Guru Devi
Dear Kaliji

Happy Kriyavati~

FunCity TriYoga Center Beijing China celebrated it and New Year yesterday.

I chose level 1, series 1, spring to flow 108 times in 2 hours for surrounding Universal Energy, and thank you bring TY to the world that let me meet and love my beautiful life earlier~

Share the moment with you:-)



On this night of Kriyavati anniversary, I have overflowing gratitude for the alignment of circumstances and energies on January 5, 1980, that allowed the most precious and important knowledge to flow through you and to appear at a moment in time when I am able to receive the wisdom so fully.

Thank you, Kaliji. Thank you, Devi. Thank you.

OM Love, Theresa Shay ~ TYC of Central PA, USA


Jay Guru Devi Kaliji,

Blessings to the Supreme for inspiring you with Kriyavati 35 years ago. Utmost gratitude to you for surrendering to this inspiration, for developing it into the most beautiful spiritual practice and for sharing it so purely and generously with all of us!!!

Loving you,

Detlef Kopp, Germany


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