TriYoga 32 Celebration in Santa Cruz

///TriYoga 32 Celebration in Santa Cruz

On January 5, 2012 TriYogis celebrated the 32nd anniversary of TriYoga.

The celebration program took place at TriYoga Center Santa Cruz, where many joined Kaliji and special guests for a variety of programs.

Special guests were renowned musician Ashwin Batish and his family, renowned speaker and author on plant-based diet Dr. Klaper, world renowned expert in the science of mudra Vijay K. Bansal, and speaker on medical yoga Dr. G.

Lalita & TriYogis from TYC New Orleans sent these beautiful creative ‘pada’ flowers.

Jasmin offered this anniversary cake to all of the participants.

Kaliji opened the programs with a discourse on the importance of Prana Vidya, and Dr. G gave a presentation that supported ancient Yoga knowledge with modern medical facts.

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Kaliji shared a total of 18 hours of flow classes from Basics to Level 4. Longtime TriYoga practitioners, as well as those new to TriYoga, were once again inspired by the never ending diversity, systematization and transformative power of TriYoga.

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TriYoga teachers Nandi, Tarini, Gabriel, Kamala, Julie, Tom and Katya offered alignment assistance.

This was the first time Kaliji explained the new concentration kriya with light and sound. During this, a beam of bright light from the sun shined on her, and grew brighter over the course of meditation and closing mantras.

Ganga operating the camera.

Many joined from US, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and China via Live Online. Some stayed up all night or woke up at 4 am for the programs.

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On Saturday evening, renowned maestro Ashwin Batish and his prodigy son Keshav performed an amazing music concert. All were inspired by the beautiful sound of sitar (father) accompanied by tabala and santoor (son). To learn more about their music. visit

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A vegan lunch preceded an extraordinary talk, “Food for the Spiritual Journey” by Dr. Klaper. His presentation embraced all the aspects of the plant-based diet. He spoke on the principles of ahimsa (non-violence), which is the ground base for every spiritual journey, human health and ecology. Undoubtedly, his lecture touched everybody’s heart and mind. He spent another hour answering questions. Dr. Klaper’s website:

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Distinguished speaker and author Vijay K. Bansal from India has led extensive research on the effects of mudras, and has numerous healing facts and stories to share. When addressed as a mudra expert, he corrected the statement and said “I am just a researcher. Kaliji is the expert and the ocean of knowledge. I am blessed by the company of such people as her”.

Vijay K. Bansal’s website:

Jia, a TriYoga chef, offered delicious prasad.

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On Sunday afternoon she also offered a packed lunch for all, as well as a vegan feast on Sunday evening. Jia’s website:

Prasann Salkar, Kaliji’s tabala teacher from India, performed via Skype.

All enjoyed a slideshow of the photos from tours to India with Kaliji by Dr. G.

Bashanti, TriYoga teacher, read her poem. Bashanti celebrated her birthday on January 6th!

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Poem by Bashanti

Poems inspired during TriYoga 32…

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