TriYoga 29th Jayanti in Malibu

///TriYoga 29th Jayanti in Malibu

Today, January 5, is the 29th Anniversary of TriYoga. Twenty-nine years ago today Kriyavati siddhi began to express through Kaliji as the flow of mudra, pranayama and asana. The origin and continuing development of TriYoga has come forth from this source.

Today at sunset, during the yogaflow program, the magic of kriyavati siddhi emerged, showing us again TriYoga’s origin.
The students present were blessed with the beauty, the grace and the deeply meditative transforming benefits of Kriyavati.

Kaliji, we are eternally grateful for your presence and the flow of TriYoga in our lives.
You have enriched our lives on every level and given happiness, wisdom and joy wherever you go.

Jaya Guru Devi

Photos from the Malibu celebration can be seen in this Webshots photo album under member “TriYoga International” here. Captions are listed below each photo.

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