TriYoga 28th Jayanti ~ Vedic birthday

///TriYoga 28th Jayanti ~ Vedic birthday

On December 27, Kaliji and TriYogis celebrated in Malibu the Vedic birthday of TriYoga ~ 28 years ago at 8pm Pacific time (11pm Eastern time), KRIYAVATI SIDDHI began to flow through Kaliji. TriYoga teachers and friends joined from various states and countries for dinner, chanting, & dancing.

Also visiting was Dr. Jayanti Patel, who has a phD in Natya Yoga (yoga of theatre) in which he teaches about yoga and universal truths through drama and humor.

Sheetal, disciple of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, played harmonium and chanted, and Mercury played drums. At 8pm, we all began to dance to Sri Swamiji’s bhajan “Aim Hreem Shreem” then KRIYAVATI SIDDHI emerged, taking all into spontaneous meditation….

While Sheetal played “Guru Charanam”, Kaliji performed arati to Sarasvati Mata.

Birthday party participants.

Sunset on January 27, 2007


Happy 28th Vedic Anniversary of TriYoga! Jaya Guru Devi!!!

Such an honor and a blessing to be a part of GURU KALIJI’s divine mission. So Grateful for the gift of KALIJI’s presence and the beauty and power of the Kriyavati Flow.

Will celebrate with Beloved GURU MATAJI soon!

All of our LOVE to KALIJI!

Your disciples,
Stephanie and John

JGD, Beloved Kaliji!

Happy 28th TriYoga Jayanti

You are always in our hearts and we are most grateful for this Holy Day, 28 years ago. You have brought forth a Divine Gift that has given meaning to our lives and continues to shine the Divine Light of Devi upon us.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

With all our love,

Daya, Manu, Matt, & Lacey

Jaya Guru Devi

beloved dear Kaliji, beloved dear Guru Mataji…

Happy TriYoga Jayanti !!!

What an incredible gift YOU offer to this world
What an amazing blessing for all of us to be so close to YOU
What a blessing to be loved by YOU
What a joy to be with YOU

pranaams from the depth of my heart
Your disciple

Jaya Guru Devi dear co-flowers!


… we may not be able to experience the bliss from various pujas, mantras and vedic rituals…
(at least not at the very beginning we come across all that)…
but DEVI MATA is ever compassionate:-) SHE blessed us with the precious gift of Tri Yoga FLOWS…
as there is not chance not to FEEL the ANANDA practicing them!
there is no chance to escape deep spiritual transformation,
ever growing devotion
no chance not to fall in LOVE with the beloved SOURCE of this magic –

…there is no path without GURU…

um…what an INCREDIBLE DIVINE WISDOM we are blessed with!!!

consider this;-)
Kali Yuga is not the age when we all rush to find spiritual Masters…
if we do – there is a chance that we may rush to something fake…
but with beloved YOGINI KALIJI – it just happens naturally…
we seem to be engaged in just treating our body
and then oops…
one day we realize that
we follow DEVI HERSELF!
We actually have GURU MATA’s GRACE in our lives!!!!
and we are so much in HER LOVE!!!
and we are at hOMe!!!

may we all TRULY realize what a miracle we are blessed to witness, be with and experience in our LIVES
the miracle of being in the FLOW with beloved SRI GURU KALIJI!
and may we all celebrate it with each passing breath!!!

much love, family!:-)
co-flower: balariver~

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