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Message in honor of Kaliji at the Kriyavati Celebration on January 5th 2007

Jaya Guru Devi!

It was during the visit to the Mysore Ashram for Datta Jayanti that I got the inspiration to say a few words on the occasion of the 27th TriYoga annual celebration. Eventhough I am not there with all of you in person I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Kaliji through my dear friends Ravi & Detlef.

I think I can certainly speak for Detlef and Ravi also when I say that we feel truly blessed and delighted to have Kaliji’s presence and grace with us and our families. She introduced us to TriYoga and enhanced our spiritual Sadhana with her wise counsel.

On a personal note, Kaliji showered abundant motherly love, affection and compassion when I needed the most this past year. Kaliji was always there for me – made several visits to our home, provided constant guidance by phone and e-mail – and was the sustaining force to help me cope with the most challenging physical, emotional and spiritual journey of my life.

The healing process that I went through with Kaliji’s guidance culminated in my visit to the Datta Jayanti celebrations in December, where Kaliji revealed that she had been working for the past year and a half to get me to the Ashram and meet Swamiji. In retrospect the challenges that I experienced last year turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since as a result of those challenges, I had a double dose of divine blessings and grace from Kaliji and Swamiji.

As a “Vishwa Bandhu” Kaliji has repeatedly demonstrated that every thought and action of hers is dedicated to universal welfare. I was fortunate to have personally experienced this aspect of Kaliji. On this special occasion, we the trinity of Detlef, Ravi and Sudhir wish Kaliji a long, healthy and prosperous life, because Kaliji’s health and prosperity is directly linked to universal health and prosperity.

The world needs Kaliji’s divine and physical presence for a long time since we all aspire for “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu”, i.e. peace and happiness of all beings in this world.

Sri Guru Devi



Dearest Kaliji,

Congratulations for your Tri-Yoga 27th anniversary! What a huge accomplishment.
I think of you often, it is so amazing what you’ve created over the years
since we first met. What a true living inspiration you embody and at
the same time help so many others by your teachings and example.

With love,

January 2007



The celebration was glorious. My flow felt so deep and so joyful.

You are magnificent and I felt the energy through you- I know my flow changes in your presence-the peace and contentment I experience is profound as I merge with this Flow..

I learned much from Chandra (workshop) and Citrini (assistance); Chandra is truly amazing- my body deeply understands when things are explained energetically – just LOVE it.

Reconnecting and forming new connections was fun; I was able to spend time with Julie who gave me a massive dose of spiritual information.

So much love, Kaliji




Mataji Guru Devi
Thank You for bringing
Magic to the world.

The Magic of Your Life,
Your Love, Your Graciousness,
The Magic of Your Flow
Your Kindness without end.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
for The
Magical Celebration
The Perfection, The Joy
of TriYoga 27

with Love and Devotion

Nandini Devi

The Magic of 27
3 X 3 X 3 = 27
3 to the power of 3 = 27
3 cubed = 27
9 X 3 = 27
27 X 2 = 54
27 reversed is 72
27 X 3 or 9 X 3 X 3 or 9 X 9 = 81
27 X 4 = 108

Jaya Guru Devi


Dear Kaliji!

Merry Kriyavati! May the Triyoga flow grow stronger from year to year. The “flow” “caught” us about one year ago and since then great positive changes have occurred in our lives. God gave us the chance to meet Kaliji and we become happier because of that. We infinitely appreciate the constant effort from Kaliji in doing for all of us.
We wish Kaliji more and more energy to implement her great mission, and to perceive in all people’s eyes a growing love and conciousness.

In turn we wish all Kaliji`s followers endless love, devotion, and perfection in practice.

Thank you!
Jaya Guru Devi

With love from
Maxim, Anna and Pasha


Jaya Guru Devi Sri Guru Devi


thank You sooooo much for the blessing of being with

it is always so wonderful, so inspiring, so helpful…
thank You

it was great to see everyone… thank You for all the
beautiful experiences..

so many blessings… thank You


Lila Ananda


JGD, Just wanted to say how well planned the recent festivities were. It took care of such a wide range of needs and had such a nice rhythm. On a personal level I experienced a wonderful balance between developing my own teaching abilities in having the opportunity for single focus in observing and assisting others, an opportunity for personal development in the flows as a student at the advanced level workshops and the opportunity to connect
with and teach students and meet new people through the workshops that I presented. The cost was modest for an excellent program. The concerts were outstanding. I heard nothing but positive feedback from other students and there was a great mood of joy and excitement amongst all. You throw a great party! Thank you so much for your generosity and love for us all.

With much love,




On a palm there are a lot of lines

Inside of my eyes there are memories of millions lives

I passed through out of creation

Up by spiral through past, present and future to this point of zero intersection

Now and forever the knowledge that is timeless is always with me!

TriYoga is my home!

Kaliji is my Mother!




Dearest KaliJi

When ever a drop of awareness that is the soul or Atman experiences the reality of its oneness with the Ocean of Eternal ParaAtman …… All of creation rejoices at that blessed event,… for the purpose of this Creation that was began by Brahma, is Sustained by Vishnu, and will be destroyed by Siva is fulfilled.

When that Soul chooses to live in the temporal world, in order to reflect with its life, that reality, so that others might be freed of ignorance and gain that awareness ……. The world and especially those who are intimates of that Soul have been given a rare and precious Gift ……

It is with much love and humble appreciation of all that you do for all of us in that regard, that I Congratulate you on your 27th year anniversary of Kriyavati, TriYoga and your true Birthday …

Maha Deva


My dearest smiling Kaliji:

From the very depth of my heart I’m sending you my joyous light-hearted smile expressing purest love and warmest grateful acknowledgement. Embracing you tenderly and strongly in my arms I feel elated by this miraculous life dance that I’m sharing with you. Praying to the Divine Mother every morning I look at your picture, close my eyes, see you inside and dedicate my cordial prayer to you.

In the threshold of the coming New Year my gladness is still wider and considerable than ever because for some time now annually the real new year begins for me on the 5th of January. Fulness, warm-heartedness, bliss, freedom, inner piece, mind calmness, extension, energy quiscence and fluidity overwhelm me on this day. And the sky is still wider than ever and the sun is still brighter than ever and life is still more beautiful!

I’m not sure that I’ll have access to mail on Jan 5 but I’m eager to express my happiness and congratulations on Kaliji’s gift to this world – amazing wonderful magical TriYoga!!! Whatever happens in my life now it emerges from yoga. Everything around breathes TriYoga’s spirit. We all are the one in the heart of the Divine Mother and the almighty Love flowing from heart to heart knows no obstacles.

My body thanks me every day for the practice 🙂 All my essence relaxes and unfolds when I practice and expands discovering and opening new aspects of myself when I teach. For me the chance to teach was still greater gift from you. In my heart I take care of every moment spent with you in person, your every glance, every gesture, every touch. (I even remember the moment when you suddenly kissed my hand and I didn’t even want to wash it for a long time :-)) ). People often say to me: “You remind us Kaliji”. Often I take myself at the thought that I’m your reflection and it’s very close to me, it doesn’t interfere in my individuality, but enriches it. It’s amazing!!! 🙂 It’s wonderful!!! 🙂 I easily grasp every your motion and it easily and naturally becomes mine! I catch every your word and hear divine silence! You tought me to see without seeing and h! ear with out listening.

I bow my head to you, open my heart to you, hug you, kiss you and dissolve in your immeasurable Love.

Much love to you my adorable precious Goddess Kaliji!

With kindest regards and endless devotion,

In the Flow


Dear KaliJi

First I want to thank you for all you spiritual blessings you sent to us while we were attending your 27th annual Yoga Celebration. Your brilliant light was subdivided and sent to all of us and I felt an
instant calm and relaxation. You have inspired me to continue the practice of yoga and have helped get through so much stress of acupucture school.

Thank You Again..

2018-12-24T20:56:59-08:00 the flow