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To certify to teach TriYoga, one enrolls in the internship program. Enrollment is by level and includes the teaching manual for that level. To attain the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to present the teachings with integrity, attending classes, workshops, and teacher training intensives is required. Guidance is provided so that progress is systematic.

To accommodate different learning styles and scheduling needs, various options for study are available. For example, one may participate in all or any part of the intensives or programs at the centers for short-term or ongoing study. Attending daily classes, including Natural Alignment, is advised. Private, semi-private, and group classes may be arranged with TriYoga teaching staff. Please participate in any way that meets your needs and goals.

Ongoing teacher training is offered at TriYoga centers and many other locations nationally and internationally.

TriYoga 200 (and 300)-hour certification programs meet Yoga Alliance standards.


Certification Process 

  • Read Certification Handbook.  It includes details on tuition, certification requirements, methods to work toward certification, the internship program, certification exam criteria, additional course offerings and professional and business support for TriYoga teachers.
  • Read and fill out the internship application as well as the copyright statement and nondisclosure agreement.
  • Return the completed internship application, signed copyright statement and nondisclosure agreement electronically, via mail or fax to TriYoga International (TYI).
  • After receiving your application, the teaching manual will be sent to you.
  • Continue to attend classes and trainings, study technique, alignment, and teaching skills to prepare for certification.

Prana Vidya Certification 

Prana Vidya Certification is the same process as other teaching certification:

  • Register as an intern and receive the Prana Vidya manual.
  • Work with a teacher; privately, in groups, in person or online.
  • When ready for certification evaluation, submit the Prana Vidya Certification Application and payment to TYI.
  • Arrange a certification exam with a senior-level teacher —TYI can arrange if requested.

One can certify in Basics and Level 1 Prana Vidya separately or may begin their Prana Vidya certification with Basics/Level 1. the flow