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Dear TriYoga Teachers,

Welcome to the new TY Teacher Directory!

Please visit your teacher listing and update as needed, following the instructions below:

• Access your profile

1. Navigate to triyoga.com/teachers/profile



2. All users need to create a password for the first login. For subsequent logins, this step is not necessary.

To create a password, click the “Forget?” button. Enter the email address where you receive messages from TriYoga.




4. You will receive an email at the address you provided. Follow the link in the email to create your password.


5. When logged in, click “Edit Profile”.



• Edit Your Profile

The “Edit Profile” page is divided into sections. Some sections are public information, and some are private. Not all fields may be edited by the teacher. See below for details.

To save edits, click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.

Profile Information: This information is public.

  • Profile Picture (instructions for updating the profile image are below)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Alternate Name (e.g. Sanskrit name or nickname)


To add or change photo, click “Update Image”:


Choose the file you wish to upload from your computer (recommended file size is under 400kb) and click “Upload Image”:


Use the option to crop the image so that it displays properly. Click “Crop Image” before saving.


If you want to make changes to the uploaded photo, click “Update Photo”.

If you want to change the photo, click “Delete Photo” and follow same instructions to upload another image.


Certification Information: This information is public. Contact the TYI Office to make changes in this section.

  • TriYoga Certification
  • Certification Details (e.g. Earth 108, Basics Series 1–2)
  • Prana Vidya
  • Certification Date: date of initial TriYoga certification


Location Information: This information is public. Location information is used to organize teachers in the directory by country/region/city. Enter the details for your primary teaching location so students in your area can find you.

  • Country
  • State/Region
  • City
  • Map
  • Alternate Country: if you teach in more than one country, enter the secondary country


Profile Information: this information is shared privately with the TYI Office.

  • Email: this address will be linked to the “Send Me a Message” form in your directory listing.
  • Phone
  • Address: full mailing address (street, unit, city, region, post code, country). This may be different than teaching location.


Additional Information (About Me, Website, and Social Media): This information is public.

  • About Me (e.g. bio, teaching locations, teaching schedule, etc.—whatever you wish to share!)
  • Website
  • Social Media: to add your social profiles, enter your user id into the designated fields.


Password: This information is private.

  • New Password (update as often as you like)



Reminder: to save edits, click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.

For any further assistance, contact the TYI Office: office@triyoga.com.

TriYoga Office Team



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