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Usha Kulkarni
TriYoga Certification
Basics–Level 1
Prana Vidya
Basics–Level 2
Certification Date
October 7, 2018
USA ~ Iowa
Cedar Rapids
Vivid childhood memories of my father’s yoga practice, particularly Shirsasana – Headstand, have ever since inspired me to learn and practice. At home in Mysore, India with my father as my prop and teacher I began trying basic yoga. Later on, classes from an inspiring teacher for about a year during my early adulthood and intermittent practices on my own thereafter certainly gave me a sense of what yoga could do for my wellbeing. Graceful practice of yoga has convinced me of its power to increase awareness of mind and body, nourish spiritual clarity besides building physical strength. I count myself among those who strongly believe that the rich offerings of yoga can lead to individual and societal benefits in a positive way. Hence, my pursuit to remain a yoga practitioner and eventually a facilitator, brought me to TriYoga of Cedar Rapids. In my experience at this serene studio, Kaliji’s beautifully thought and brilliantly expressed yoga flows celebrate the ancient knowledge, tradition and purpose. I trust you may find it just as tangible or more. Besides being an intern and teacher, I am a homemaker, married to an awesome person Alok, a firm believer of yoga. We have a loving son Prem. Our family enjoys travel, outdoor activities and loves watching educational and comedy programs. I volunteer for educational activities. I am fond of baking and exploring vegetarian cuisines from around the world. But there are days I am clueless of what needs to be cooked, and seemingly, the only asana that will help me out of that situation is Shavasana – Tranquility. the flow