Teacher Training with Gina and Zhang Li

//Teacher Training with Gina and Zhang Li

September-October 2016

Bao’An, Shenzhen, China


In September 2016 13 students began TriYoga Basics Training at the Bao’an (Shenzhen) TriYoga Center. This training was lead by senior-level teacherGina  with Zhangli, junior-level teacher as interpreter and assistant. They were also fortunate to have junior-level teacher Cindy  from Beijing assisting as well. Once a week, Lily (also a junior-level teacher) also joined to assist. These students were very fortunate to receive help from several very experienced TriYoga Teachers! This training was a big success with all 13 students receiving their certification. These students also learned about the value of a plant-based diet and about the art of of sprouting as a way to conveniently provide organic food in their own homes.

Inspired by their experience of TriYoga during the Basics training, 5 of this group decided to continue into the Level 1 training. They were joined by 3 students from Lily’s recent Basics training and another 6 students from various other Basics trainings.

The Level 1 training provided the opportunity for new Junior Teacher Zhang Li to present her first Level 1 training. After opening the first 30 hrs of the training,  Gina was able to hand off the next part of the training into Zhang Li’s capable hands.

When Gina returned for the evaluation she found that all the students were very well prepared and she was pleased to be able to certify all interns– including one who had previously taken Level 1 with Santoshi and joined for the certification week.

Congratulations to Zhang Li on her very successful training!  Her teaching was well received and enjoyed by all the students.


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