Teacher Training in Siberia

///Teacher Training in Siberia

John and Stephanie arrived in Barnaul, Siberia on March 15 for a month-long stay. They are teaching weekend intensive workshops, Basics Teacher Training, regular classes, and private lessons. They will also travel to the Siberian city of Tomsk for a weekend intensive workshop. So far they have taught for 75 hours with over 300 students attending programs.

John and Stephanie were greeted with group meal prepared by the Barnaul TriYoga group. Host Ananda entertained all with bhajans.

Scenes from the workshops and teacher training sessions ~

John and Stephanie were interviewed by local television. The interviewer was very interested in the spiritual aspects of a TriYoga practice. John and Stephanie were also interviewed by the Siberian magazine “Autograph”. Ananda and translator Natalia are also pictured.

John and Stephanie with Ananda and translator Sasha. Besides translating, Sahsa and Natalia are also participating in the Teacher Training.

Scenes from a trip to the Altai Mountain region of Siberia, planned by Ananda.

The view from John and Stephanie’s Barnaul apartment.


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