Teacher Training in Cairns, Australia

///Teacher Training in Cairns, Australia

John and Santoshi traveled from Europe to Cairns, Australia in March to continue the teacher training program there and to assist at the TriYoga retreat with Yogini Kaliji in Mission Beach.

Host Dagmar Hirsch organized a great program of Level 1 Teacher Training, a 12-hour Anatomy in the Flow course with Santoshi, and a number of workshops and classes attended by Dagmar’s regular students. Dagmar will continue training the Level 1 group, and will begin a Basics training in November with Santoshi. Level 1 will complete in March with John.

Level 1 Group

All of the interns completed their Basics training with John, Santoshi and Dagmar in March 2014. Great thanks to Dagmar (far left) for bring this wonderful group together and inspiring a great TriYoga community in Cairns!


Brilliant tropical sun at the edge of the rainforest, outside of the TangoCraze Dance Studio in Redlynch. The Cairns trainings are lucky to have locations in beautiful nature settings.


...in the flow