Teacher Training and Anatomy in Central Pennsylvania

///Teacher Training and Anatomy in Central Pennsylvania

From April 1 to April 5, John and Stephanie made their first visit to the TriYoga Center of Central Pennsylvania for an intensive program of Basics Teacher Training, Anatomy in the Flow, Level 1/2 and Partner Stretch.

The weekend programs were the final sessions of the Basics Teacher Training group, which has been meeting monthly since August. Other local students and teachers joined to deepen their knowledge of TriYoga Basics Flows. Beautifully prepared by senior teacher and TriYoga Center director Theresa Shay, the interns impressed John and Stef with their flow and teaching skills. Congratulations to the new Basics Teachers, who will now share TriYoga in Pittsburgh, Long Island and Central Pennsylvania.

Teacher training group

Mary assists Stef during the “Prop Assistance Game”.

Jean guides the class into yoga nidra.

Stef and Level 1 teacher Morgan.

On Saturday evening, the TriYoga Center hosted a beautiful vegan dinner and chanting with Theresa!

Local herbalist and TY teacher Jennifer provided home-made teas each day of the training ~ each one had a name related to TriYoga sadhana!

Anatomy in the Flow group. The laughing students are using their hands to demonstrate the three planes of movement!

Interns and teachers gained a deeper knowledge of the physical body, and the benefits of TriYoga practice. Here, students explore the different movements of the hip.

Teacher Jill explores the anatomy of Triangle alignment while reclined.

Immersed into Hanuman asana during the Level 2 workshop.

Partner Stretch was a fun way to end the intensive. Theresa enjoyed leg stretch with an assist from her husband Glenn.


...in the flow