Taiwan Teacher Training

///Taiwan Teacher Training

The month-long Basics Teacher Training completed with 4 new Basics Teachers and two Certification in Progress.
In all, John and Stephanie taught 110 hours during the current trip to Taiwan.

From left to right: student Yang, and new teachers Yuen Chin-Er, Wung Yueh-Mei (Sophie), Wu Dong-Huang,
Huang Hsui-o (Irma); kneeling: Yang Hui-Chao (Cheryl) and Lin Ching Lan (Judy)

John and Stephanie with host and organizer Judy (left) and studio owner Cheryl (right). Judy and Cheryl were introduced to TriYoga 4 years ago when Kaliji first came to Taiwan. Judy translated over 150 hours of classes during John and Stephanie’s two trips to Taiwan.

Judy and husband Andy took John and Stephanie on a four day trip to the Hualien seashore in Eastern Taiwan and
Taroko Gorge National Park. The natural beauty was stunning.

Stephanie in Taroko gorge.

John and Stephanie with Judy, Andy, and daughter Yi-An in front of their hotel/post office in Taroko National Park.

Despite being only few miles from the Tropic of Cancer, there was a snowstorm at 10, 500 feet.


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