Symphony of Yoga Conference and Spiritual Kids Camp in Dallas

/, Sri Swamiji, with Kaliji/Symphony of Yoga Conference and Spiritual Kids Camp in Dallas

As one of the advisors for the Symphony of Yoga conference, sponsored by Datta Yoga Center Dallas, Kaliji gave the welcome and concluding speeches, and moderated a panel discussion of the experts who presented at the conference.

Kaliji and conference experts

Programs in Dallas began with Spiritual Kids Camp. Children of different age groups (from 4 to 15) enjoyed Kaliji’s classes for two days. Each group had two or three TriYoga classes each day. Thirty minutes scheduled for the class seemed to be not enough as none of the kids wanted to leave Kaliji. All loved mudras, flows and were so natural at both. It was amazing to see them so excited about yoga and ask Kaliji wonderful wise questions. All say that now they are inspired to continue to practice every day and…. want to hug Kaliji for life:)

The children loved the classes and picked up the mudras very quickly.

They were very inspired and didn’t want Kaliji to leave….

and the children in all age groups stayed focused the entire time.

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