Summer in Europe 2016: Bad Meinberg Retreat

///Summer in Europe 2016: Bad Meinberg Retreat

After completing the Chiemsee retreat, Yogini Kaliji’s summer tour continued with a week at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany. This year the retreat was attended by over 70 students and teachers, who enjoyed the opportunity to spend six and a half hours each day in class with Kaliji and satsang each evening with Kaliji and Chant Club.

The Bad Meinberg retreat is a fun and special TriYoga family event and reunion. 🙂 This summer marks 13 years since Kaliji’s first visit to Europe—the beginning of the second twelve-year cycle—and the 11th consecutive Bad Meinberg retreat. Many of the participants attend Bad Meinberg every year, and there is a wonderful sense of familiarity and relaxation at the retreat which is a complement to the freshness, innovation, and creativity of Kaliji’s teaching.

The beginning of each morning session was dedicated to Prana Vidya. Kaliji’s masterfully guided flow classes brought the flow to all levels of students. Mercury Max joined the end of each yogaflow session to chant mantra during Yoga Nidra.

Afternoon sessions began with Jnana Flow and Q&A. Topics included Yoga Sutras and Mudra Vidya.

Chant Club performed during evening satsanga with Kaliji on lead vocals and harmonium, Mercury Max on percussion and vocals, and Bernie on guitar. The inspired and energized performances filled the room with the Chant Club dancers!

Roselyne is a wonderful organizer and coordinator for the Bad Meinberg retreats, helping to make the entire experience flow seamlessly for all involved.

Eva-Maria, Urvasi, and Mitra Deva provided German interpretation and translation.

Alignment Assistance during classes was offered by Santoshi, Rishi, and Kiki. This team assisted throughout the Europe tour.

Germany teachers Mekhala and Antje also offered alignment assistance.

Dr. G shared medical facts on yoga.

Sukadev, founder of Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg, attended the first and last satsang with Chant Club.

Participants attend Bad Meinberg from all over the world. Pictured here are TriYoga Teachers Uliana (Moscow, Russia), Olga (Kiev, Ukraine), Kiki (China), and Maaya (Kyoto, Japan). Uliana, Kiki and Maaya are also translators for TriYoga teacher trainings.

Kala traveled to Bad Meinberg from Italy with her mother, TriYoga teacher Kateryna.

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