Europe Summer Tour 2015: Chiemsee

///Europe Summer Tour 2015: Chiemsee


Yogini Kaliji’s summer tour in Europe began August 2–6 at the Jonathan Retreat Center, near Chiemsee (a lake) in southern Germany. Nearly 50 participants attended the retreat, enjoying twice-daily flow classes, jnana sessions, and evening music. The beautiful weather allowed plenty of opportunities to enjoy the surrounding nature, especially the lovely Chiemsee.

Many commented that Yogini Kaliji’s teaching is unique each year. This year the flow sessions had an especially deep and introspective energy, and participants demonstrated a wonderful calm and focus.

Yogini Kaliji and Mercury Max performed as Chant Club each night, and Mercury also chanted Sanskrit mantras for every yoga nidra. Yogini Kaliji offered inspiring talks on the Yoga Sutras, as well answering participant questions.

Johanna was an excellent organizer. She is the director of TYC Allershausen, and is hosting regular teacher trainings. John and Santoshi provided alignment assistance, while Eva-Maria translated all programs.


The Alps shining in the distance on a perfect summer day!

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