Sri Swamiji’s Jayanti ~ May 26, 2009

///Sri Swamiji’s Jayanti ~ May 26, 2009

On May 26, Sri Swamiji’s jayanti (birthday) was celebrated at the Malibu ashrama by Kaliji and devotees of Sri Swamiji from Southern California.

The program included a talk with Kaliji about prana vidya and yoga philosophy, followed by singing Sri Swamiji’s bhajans.

Leading the bhajan session were Don, Sudhir and Usha.

Dinner followed, along with a special birthday dessert.

From left ~ Prema, Don, Usha, Kaliji, Ketana, Usha and Sudhir

Jaya Guru Datta

Most respected Kaliji,

It is difficult to know where to begin. And perhaps brevity is best. It is past-life good deed that made my presence possible at yesterday’s celebration. Nothing else can explain it. I am blessed beyond belief to have been able to celebrate Shree Swamiji’s birthday in your ashram and in your presence. Every moment was perfection … from your greeting and welcome as we entered, to the time you bid us farewell. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what I will remember as being one of the most beautiful and memorable days of my life. Your beauty is breathtaking, your divinity shining, your joy contagious and your radiance, grace and serenity permeate ever part of your ashram. May 26, 2009 will remain for me a priceless gift … in ways I cannot describe.

With deepest respects and pranams,

Shree Guru Datta

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