Sri Swamiji's 63rd Birthday Highlights ~ 29 May 2005

///Sri Swamiji's 63rd Birthday Highlights ~ 29 May 2005

Message from Prasadi

Sri Swamiji’s 63rd Birthday programs went on very very well.

We warmly convey to you the Blessings of Pujya Sri Swamiji on this sacred and important occasion of 63rd Birthday celebrations. We also reciprocate your wishes conveyed to Sri Swamiji by your email. The highlights of the event are

1) Sama Veda Havana was performed – chanting all the Mantras of Sama Veda for three days

2) Datta Venkateswara Temple’s 6th Brahmotsavam were held

3) Nada Mantapa’s 7th Anniversary was held

4) Kishkindha Mulika Bonsai Garden – arguably the largest in India – was inaugurated in Ashrama gardens. It has a collection of more than 200 very unique Bonsai plants. Most of them are Mulika (herbal) plants

5) For the first time in the History of India, RUDRAKSHI RATHA was specially built for the Rathotsavam (chariot Festival) of Datta Venkateswara. The huge chariot has more than one million Sacred Rudrakshi Beads

6) Music concerts by Nithya Shree Mahadevan (Superb south indian classical vocalist), Ajoy Chakravarthy (Classical North Indian Vocal), Parween Sultana (Queen of north indian classical singing) &
Violin Maestro, T.N. Krishanan gave scintillating concerts in Nada Mantapa.

7) Sri Bala Swamiji performed Pratyaksha Pada Puja to His Holiness Sri Swamiji as the Uttara Peethadhipati (Successor to Avadhoota Datta Peetham) for the first time.

8) In honor of Sri Swamiji’s commitment to Social justice, A temple in Harijan colony was fully reconstructed and 54 Poor Harijan marriages were held

9) A school in Sogala Village was gifted with the construction of a new class room

10) 30 Mentally retarded students of Mathru Mandali school were gifted 60 pairs of clothes

11) 30 physically handicapped persons (very poor) were donated with crutches or wheel chairs

12) The covetted Datta Peetham annual titles were given away to eminent scholars on 29th May. The recipients this year were Nada Nidhi – Sri AKC Natarajan (clarinet music), Shastra Nidhi to Sri Prahladacharya, Asthana Vidwan to Sri Neyveli Santhanagolapan (south indian classical music), Sri Veturi Sundara Rama Murthy (doyen of Telugi film song lyricist), Asthana Vidwan to Sri Krovi Partha Sarathy (eminent scholar on Sri Chakra woprship) and Asthana Vidwan to Smt. Yadeshvari (a dedicated social worker who translates spiritual books to Braille for use by blind people).

13) Two mobile vans were donated to Mysore city corporation

14) A special Mandir called “NAMA KOTI MANTAPA” was constructed in the Datta Venkateswara Temple. It is built to house the God name books written by devotees). A Saraswati idol was installed in this Mandir

15) International Kriya Yoga conference was held on 23 May 2005 where Sri Swamiji declared that Kriya Yoga would now be taught by more teachers so that the sacred knowledge reaches every where.

Sri Guru Datta


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