Song of the Morning Ranch, Michigan

///Song of the Morning Ranch, Michigan

Following the programs in PA, Kaliji traveled to Michigan to teach a 3-day retreat at Song of the Morning Ranch. Song of the Morning is located on 800 acres of beautiful rolling woodland in northern Michigan.

Kaliji taught two TY flow sessions each day

followed by satsanga each evening, which included yoga philosophy and chanting.

The programs were held in a dome, which had triangle-shaped skylights in the ceiling.

During the afternoon, the light would shift, so the shadows from the skylights bathed Kaliji in triangle-shaped light

Students from the area enjoyed about Kaliji’s program there. This was her first visit to Song of the Morning in about 10 years.

Kathie and Michael

Malcolm and James

Don (front row, second from right), organized Kaliji’s retreat.

Students of TY teacher Melissa Spamer all came from Kalamazoo to attend Kaliji’s program.

TY teacher Medha from Lexington, KY assisted Kaliji during the program. Katya also assisted.

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