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Dear TriYoga Friends,
I am happy to share exciting news about TriYoga International! First, a little background to see how this flow began:
My grandparents owned land in Kentucky located 30 minutes by car from Lexington and one hour from Louisville and Cincinnati. Half of their property was inherited by my father. In 2008, my father divided a 20-acre parcel of land among his four children. Later two TriYoga families purchased an additional five acres each from two of my family members. Now we have 15 acres of country land!
My father was in the construction business and always dreamed of helping me build a home. For this traveling yogini, my goals have always been what is best for TYI.  This made the decision easy as we need a home for music and yoga! In this way it is sound and light, Nada Pashyanti.
We began with the sound studio first, and I hired my father’s construction company to oversee it. My father was 88 years old and so excited that he worked on the project daily for two years! In the autumn of 2012, the first TYI building, HamSa, was completed.
In July 2018, we held the groundbreaking ceremony for SoHum, a versatile second building to provide a space for yoga and for photo and video production. With this expansion, we hope to provide more visual content for TriYoga Teacher Training and additional TY videos for the benefit of all.
Located in the Bluegrass State, HamSa and SoHum share five acres of land surrounded by expansive views of rolling hills. Cardinals and other birds enjoy the country life as they sing in the nature symphony accompanied by the insect and frog choir. Fireflies fill summer nights with their lights. There are an additional ten acres of land connected to our neighbors, an extended family of horses. These 15 acres, which we call Devi Peetham, are surrounded by open country. This is the first time any buildings have been constructed on this peaceful land.
HamSa is the Sanskrit word for “swan”, the symbolic vehicle for Sarasvati, the energy of music and arts. HamSa and SoHum are classic mantras: That I AM – I AM That. The purpose of these two buildings is to awaken this realization through the vehicle of music and yoga. Our first project was at HamSa this past year! Please check out the new CD release from Chant Club, Yogis in the Sky!
We hope you will join us this year in completing SoHum with a donation of any amount toward construction costs. We look forward to seeing you there! You will feel the TriYoga energy that permeates this land and its buildings. Your donation to TYI, a nonprofit organization, may be offered as a single payment or in monthly installments either online or payable to:
TriYoga International
P.O. Box 4799
Mission Viejo, CA 92690
Please enjoy this overview video of SoHum’s construction from the groundbreaking until now, along with a gallery of photos.
Best in Flow,



Our neighbors

Thank you Sweet Father! the flow