Silver Lining Yoga Concert

///Silver Lining Yoga Concert

Yeongwol, South Korea
March 11–12 2017

Yogini Kaliji gave the keynote address and was the main teacher at the Silver Lining Yoga Concert in Yeongwol, South Korea. Organized by TriYoga teacher Jina Lee, the Silver Lining Yoga Concert had over 500 participants from South Korea, India, China and Taiwan, as well as other Asian countries, Europe and the US.

Jina Lee explained the conference theme  “Silver lining means HOPE as like a ray of light. There is a ray of lights behind clouds."Jina invited teachers of different styles and traditions, with Yogini Kaliji and TriYoga the focus of every event. Yogini Kaliji gave the opening keynote address (text below) and was the first teacher in the 7-teacher “concert”, with each teacher giving a half-hour class focused on one cakra. TriYoga represented Sahasrāra Cakra, the wisdom center.  Several students remarked afterwards that the feeling of flow from one posture to the next, and the logical sequences of kriyā and āsanas, were totally new and unique experiences for them.

On Sunday, Yogini Kaliji (assisted by Rishi and Santoshi) offered a 2-hour flow.

The conference was held in the “magnificent and peaceful” Yeongwol, an area of South Korea known for its beauty.  The Cistar Resort was situated on a riverside with mountains nearby offering stunning views.  Each day, Yogini Kaliji went out to enjoy this unique nature and it was here she made the first Everyday Yoga Minute video!


Watch a video tour of the Silver Lining Yoga Concert featuring Yogini Kaliji and  TriYoga here.


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