Dallas Botanical Gardens

///Dallas Botanical Gardens

Another place worth visiting is the Dallas Arboretum Botanical Gardens. It is hardly possible to see all 66 acres of exquisite gardens in one day. Kaliji and students chose to begin with Japanese Gardens. Once inside them, it is hard to leave. There is a sense of harmony, balance and serenity that naturally pulls one into a contemplative state. The group stayed there till the last announcement of the Japanese Gardens being closed.

The mission of the Botanical Gardens is to help people appreciate, respect, and better understand nature and wildlife. Along with the most beautiful scenery, they provide excellent education. While walking along the main trail, one passes by the colorful signs with questions and facts that immediately catch one’s attention. For example: “What is the connection between chocolate and flies?”, “Are all bugs bad?”, “How old is the oldest tree on the planet?” etc. It was so much fun to learn something new and valuable while enjoying the nature.

One of the boards said that by the year 2060 there will be almost no rain forests left. When reading about the stunning numbers Kaliji said: “If only people could understand how much they can contribute to saving the rain forests by just choosing a vegetarian lifestyle”.


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