Shenzhen Certification Weeks

///Shenzhen Certification Weeks

Gina shared her enthusiasm for alignment assistance with eager students

California-based teacher Gina Kray traveled to Shenzhen in December to give certification weeks for the trainings begun by Katya Yani earlier in November.Gina writes of her time there:

“It was a stellar visit and a privilege to work with such dedicated students who so wholly immersed themselves in TriYoga practice. It brought together two cultures with a realization that there is so much to learn and share with each other and through TriYoga we all found such incredible unity and sense of common purpose.”


The group enjoys Eka-Hasta-Pada Mudra

“TriYoga transforms and helps us transcend our differences and we experience through the practice a joy and happiness and a means through which we can expand our experience of love for each other through the sharing of these teachings.”


Gina and translator Sisi

“The heart energy of these students was overwhelming and I was so happy to be with them.”

12 new Basics Teachers and 12 Earth 108 teachers were excited to receive their certifications, and Gina is looking forward to her return to Shenzhen.


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