TriYoga with Santoshi at TYC Bad Tolz

///TriYoga with Santoshi at TYC Bad Tolz

Santoshi went to TYC Bad Tölz in southern Germany for a week of programs, including Physical & Subtle Anatomy, Prana Vidya, Yoga Philosophy, Intro to Sanskrit & Chanting, TY Therapeutics and Partner Stretch.

The group was joined by “Tony”, an articulated model skeleton, who was a very accommodating addition to the course. Frequently, students would come up to Tony and check out the physical structures they were learning about. When they wanted to learn about ida and pingala, they consulted each other’s t-shirts.

Spring arrived in Bavaria and several of the sessions were held on the open-air terrace of the center.

Many of the students from the anatomy courses also joined TY Therapeutics and Partner Stretch classes and said they loved applying their new understanding to their practice.

TYC Bad Tölz is a family center—co-directors Kathrin and Tina both enjoy support of their families.  Tina’s husband made lunches for the group (as he also does during teacher training weekends), one son joined for the chanting class, and her daughter is an intern in the Basics Teacher Training group! Kathrin’s mother and mother-in-law watched her 18 month old daughter while her mom “went to work at yoga”.

On the last morning there, Santoshi, Kathrin and her daughter went to visit the nearby Gut Aiderbichl farm sanctuary.  One of several visitable farms in Germany and Austria, the Iffendorf sanctuary was home to rescued horses, ponies, pigs, geese, cats, ponies and goats—even llamas and a camel named Franz.  While there, an old pony walked passed them to poke his head into one of the doors—he was greeted by a happy worker who said “Pipi!! I was just thinking about you!!”  It was one of many such friendly encounters they observed.

Even if we were to succeed in protecting animals from humans, our achievement would amount to nothing. It’s only when we’ve succeeded in no longer needing to protect animals that we’ll have reached our goal. Then, we’ll truly have changed something: OURSELVES.”

 Michael Aufhauser

founder of Gut Aiderbichl


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