Sanskrit classes ~ Live in Malibu

///Sanskrit classes ~ Live in Malibu

Kaliji and Malibu students are now attending weekly Sanskrit classes with Dr. Sarasvati Mohan, live via Skype. Skype is a service that offers free computer to computer calls. Connecting to Dr. Sarasvati in Bangalore on computer, a projector is used so all students can easily see and hear the class.

This weekend was a Basics Teacher Training in Malibu, so students attending the training were able to attend the class as well.

Students practice writing the Sanskrit alphabet, following instruction from Dr. Sarasvati. Other sections of the class include learning Vedic mantras and their meanings.

Dr. Sarasvati is available to offer Sanskrit classes via Skype for students around the world. For more information or to arrange a program, contact Dr. Sarasvati at .

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