Sanskrit and Therapeutics Weekend at TYC Bad Tölz

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Rishi continued his November teaching tour with a weekend of TriYoga Sanskrit, Therapeutics, and TriYoga Flows at TYC Bad Tölz.

The group immeresed into the rich, fun, and meditative world of Sanskrit, learning to pronounce Sanskrit words (including TriYoga Sanskrit Posture names) and learning guidelines for reading and writing the Devanagari script.

The teachers who attended were inspired by the fun Sanskrit program! Tina said her hope was to be able to read “TriYoga” written in Devanagari, and now she can. Adi Shakti wishes to learn Sanskrit with her son as well.

The schedule also included TriYoga Therapeutics and All-Levels Flow workshops.

TriYoga Center and Level 2 teacher Kathrin was a perfect organizer and host. Rishi was very happy to meet Kathrin’s baby Maria Lotta!

Kathrin’s husband Tomas made vegan pizza, perfect after a full day of TriYoga! Winter finally arrived during the Sanskrit weekend, bringing the first snow of the year.
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