TriYoga at Rimini Wellness Festival (Italy)

///TriYoga at Rimini Wellness Festival (Italy)

TriYoga teacher Kateryna Bilyk presented TriYoga at the Rimini Wellness Festival from 28 to 31 of May. It is an international event with representatives of all the regions of Italy and other European countries. Every day of the Festival, TriYoga sessions were guided by Kateryna, originally from Ukraine and now an Italian citizen. Over 150 students from Italy, Poland, Slovenia and other countries attended TriYoga classes. TriYoga fliers were translated in Italian and spread among the students of the flows and the visitors of the fair. All the foreign visitors received the information about the TriYoga web site and general information in English.

TriYoga had a great success and a good promotion. The purity of the method and the elegance of the flows captured the minds and hearts of the visitors as it shined very differently in comparison with hybrids of yoga with dances or martial arts, or other types of fitness which were presented at this event. TriYoga participation in the fair was very successful, and Kateryna was invited to return in 2016.

Kateryna’s daughter Kala participated in the first day of the Festival and was flowing with everybody perfectly; people couldn’t believe their eyes watching her. But she was a Tri Yoga star!


This conference had over 200,000 attendees from all over Europe!

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