Retreat with Kaliji in Bad Meinberg, Germany

///Retreat with Kaliji in Bad Meinberg, Germany

Kaliji traveled to Bad Meinburg, Germany for the annual TriYoga retreat at the Yoga Vidya retreat center. From July 22 – 27, nearly 50 attendees enjoyed full days of classes, chanting and talks by Kaliji.

Assistant Stephanie with teacher Corina (left) and her daughter Rubina.

Rubina and Kaliji

Teacher Jasmine and her daughter.

Teacher Christiane and Kaliji

Nandi with Christiane’s friend Harald

A student’s question during class led to a wonderful mudra lesson!

Everyone enjoys Kaliji’s humorous and enlightening talks!

The nightly chanting programs with Kaliji and Mercury Max are a wonderful way to end each day. Kaliji electrified the audience by singing and playing along with Mercury’s new dance arrangements of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji’s bhajans.

Dr. Miguel Rivera (Dr. G) delivered informative and eye-opening presentations on the health benefits of prana vidya and laughter.

The group of assistants with Kaliji. (Back row, from left to right): Dr. G, Matarani, Mitradeva, Mercury Max, John, Eva-Maria (translation and assistance), Roselyne (organizer), Urvasi (translation). (Front row, left to right): Vandana, Nandi, Antje, Stephanie

Participant Irene says about the program:

Wenn aus Kaliji Hand – Fuss- Mudras fließen, so erinnert mich das an die unendliche Vielfalt der Natur, insbesondere den unendlichen Formen, die Schneeflocken haben. Wie innen, so außen, wie außen, so innen, das wird hier sichtbar.
In tiefer Dankbarkeit

When hand – foot – mudras flow out of Kaliji, this reminds me of the endless variety of the nature, especially of the endless forms of snowflakes. As inside, so outside, as outside so inside, this becomes visible then.
With deep gratitude

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