Programs with Kaliji in New Orleans

//Programs with Kaliji in New Orleans

Kaliji offered programs in New Orleans the weekend of April 17-18, teaching 2 TY sessions at Elmwood Fitness Center, and held satsanga at the TriYoga Center of New Orleans on Sunday evening.

The first session began with a talk by TY teacher Madan Rivera on medical statistics proving the power of pranyama, yoga and vegan diet.

Sunday evening satsanga ~ the TriYoga Center had to change its location after Hurricane Katrina. This year, the TYC was able to move back in to the original space that had been affected by the hurricane, and the teachers and .students happily welcomed Kaliji back. Kaliji’s joyful chanting was accompanied by the drumming talent of Mercury Max. In between chants Kaliji gave talks that reached everybody’s minds and hearts.

Here, Kaliji holds the flyer for Sri Swamiji’s Healing and Meditation Music Concert, Hamsanandi Raga Sagara, that was performed in New Orleans on April 17th. View the concert and see Kaliji giving the opening and closing speeches at

Kaliji with TY Basics teacher Sumant and his wife Shireen.

Kaliji with Level 3 TY teacher Louanne and her husband Peter. Peter is a professional musician, pianist, and teaches music at Tulane University. He had the honor of lighting the traditional lamp at Sri Swamiji’s concert in New Orleans.

Kaliji with TriYoga interns, Karen and Rachel.

Kaliji with student Erica and TYC-New Orleans founder Lalita.

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