Programs with Kaliji in Munich

///Programs with Kaliji in Munich

Kaliji’s autumn tour finished with 6 days (33 hours) in Munich. Her programs were coordinated by Beate, TYC Munich director. The programs were held in two locations, in the Iyengar Center for Basics through Level 2, and the TriYoga Center, Munich for L3 & L4.

Yearly when Kaliji visits, many dedicated TriYoga teachers attend to deepen their practice and knowledge of the flow. Germany has 320 TriYoga teachers !

The weekend was also a wonderful time for TriYoga reunions.

TY teacher Ida (right) and husband Daniel traveled from Sweden.

And TY teacher Kateryna was there from Italy. Her daughter Kala will celebrate her second birthday this month.

A 3-day Level 3 & 4 Yogaflow & Prana Vidya was held at the TriYoga Center ~ Munich. The dedication to this level of practice creates a strong focus during the sessions where the TriYoga teachers immerse in the flow. All were excited with the many new flow sequences.

Supporting the teaching team with Kaliji was Senior teacher Eva-Maria (above), senior teacher Matarani, and chef/teacher Mitradeva (below). Kaliji gives a big thanks of appreciation for the translation rendered by Senior teachers, Urvasi and Eva-Maria.

To share time together and to support the vegan / vegetarian restaurants, everyone enjoys a plant based meal.

Kaliji’s tour lasted 50 days, covering 6 countries and 29,000 miles! She began the trip in the Eastern hemisphere, flying from LA to China, India and Japan; then headed to Switzerland, Moscow, and Germany, returning to LA from the Western hemisphere. During that time, she met hundreds of students over dozens of hours of teaching, sharing the knowledge of TriYoga with everyone.

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