Programs with Eva-Maria in China

///Programs with Eva-Maria in China

TY Teacher Eva-Maria, from Berlin, was in China for one month, from mid-July to mid-August, to teach programs in several locations, and to give two Basics teacher trainings.

While there, she had the opportunity to do some sightseeing. The TY teacher and students brought her to the Hong Fa Temple. It is part of the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Park. The Fairy Lake Botanical Garden is an extensive park with many attractive features, not the least of which is the lake itself. The temple’s legend says that a fairy came down to swim at the nearby Xian Hu (“Fairy Lake”), and a monk, entranced by the sight, founded a hermitage here. Later the temple was built on the site of the hermitage.

One workshop was in Xian, where they also visited the terracotta warriors.

Another program was in Shenzhen, at the studio of JoJo, who organized Eva-Maria’s programs in China.

See photos from the workshops, teacher training and sightseeing in the gallery below.

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