Programs in Moscow with John & Stephanie

///Programs in Moscow with John & Stephanie

John and Stephanie, teachers at the TriYoga Center ~ Santa Cruz, led TriYoga workshops in Moscow in November. They taught two 6-hour seminars for the Russian Yoga Federation featuring Basics through Level 3 Flows, Prana Vidya, and Mudra. The students included many teachers of other yoga methods who were interested in TriYoga.

They also taught three multi-level workshops at the TriYoga Center, Moscow. TY center director Olga and her students flowed beautifully, asked many questions, and demonstrated a great love of TriYoga.

Satsanga at the TriYoga Center.

TY students Valeri and his wife Svetlana hosted amazing, multi-course vegan Russian meals for John and Stephanie following workshops with TriYoga teacher Olga and her students. Pictured are (back) Stephanie, John, Valeri, and Svetlana; (front) Olga and Ganga.

Appreciation to Ganga for her support in this successful event.

What students said about John & Stephanie’s workshops:

It was so wonderful to have Kaliji’s teachers over here. I always thought that it is only Kaliji herself who can bring that special energy with her classes and presence, but this time I felt as if Kaliji herself was present during Jon and Stephanie’s classes. Their classes made me realize once again how logical and well systematized Tri Yoga is. I could tell that many people got very inspired to practice the Tri Yoga Flows and there is no doubt that such workshops should be taking place on a regular basis in Moscow.


I wish to say BIG THANKS to John and Stef. I enjoyed every program they taught and really fell in love with Tri Yoga. I could experience the Flow during their session which was such a deep sensation for me. I was especially touched by the fact of how much love they put into teaching. They work wonderful as a team and bring so much inspiration!


It was my first time ever trying to practice Tri Yoga and though first I was a bit confused about the Flow first… during the second session I could feel something special happening, for the first time I literraly felt how breath can guide the movement and how body can stay relax in action. I am looking forward to the next workshop!

Albina (Yoga Federation)

It was a new experience in practicing Tri Yoga for me, a wonderful experience. I was happy to have so many detailed answers and be exposed to new sequences and mudra flows that I have not known before. I appreciate John and Stephanie’s patience. One of my friends, a very beginner in Tri Yoga, after taking the week-end classes, could not thank me enough to recommend to attend the workshop. He said that it changed his whole perception of yoga practice.


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