PreNatal TriYoga at TYC Boston

///PreNatal TriYoga at TYC Boston

Senior Teacher Christine Ware (Citrini) traveled to the TYC Boston last month for a weekend training. Teachers learned the TriYoga Prenatal flows and benefited from Citrini’s personal experience – she has two TriYoga babies and is expecting her third!

Participants devoted special attention to opening the hips, pelvis, and lower back; did Pranayama and chanting techniques which have been found to be particularly helpful for pregnancy and childbirth; and practiced “pelvic toning”, engaging and releasing the root lock without breath retention.

Here, students practiced with props to help understand the difference in mobility and weight distribution women experience during pregnancy.

And learned how to use props to support expectant mothers for deep relaxation: conscious relaxation through prenatal yoga can greatly contribute to a comfortable pregnancy and labor, increasing the joy, and easing the discomforts of the process.

This 10-hour teacher training was part of an 85-hour training offered by TriYoga Boston ~ contact Brahmi for more information.

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