Prenatal and Level 1 in Bad Tolz

///Prenatal and Level 1 in Bad Tolz

Prenatal and Level 1 with Santoshi

March 18-25, 2016

BT_PrenatalGroupSantoshi traveled to TYC Bad Tölz for programs March 18-25.  The visit began with a 20-hour Prenatal Teacher Training in cooperation with Munich midwife Ann Marie Maier, who gave up-to-date information clearly and with great enthusiasm.


BT_ReclinedButterflyjpgThe weekend included flows for every trimester, a session on vegan nutrition for mother and baby, and suggestions for post-natal classes.  One of the students has been a midwife for more than 40 years but was new to TriYoga, and loved the conscious and conscientious flow of breath and movement.


The weekday programs were a continuation of the on-going Level 1 Teacher Training, which began in February with Eva-Maria, and completes in July with Rishi.

This session included flowing through the first three series of Level 1, reviews of alignment assistance, and practicing teaching.  TYC students joined several of the sessions to enjoy the increasing energy from longer practice.

One of the highlights of the trip was a dinner together at Hirschbachstueberl, a traditional Bavarian restaurant that is also vegetarian!    While the group was there, the vegan owner (who has met Santoshi on previous visits) came to say hello and to announce their new vegan Indian buffet!



TY teacher Tina’s daughter Sophie is an accomplished harp player and offered a concert to the teacher training group.  Sophie is a part of a harp ensemble that recently won a music competition for all of Bavaria — and she says playing the harp is like a meditation.  She loves TriYoga and is part of the weekly “teenie” TY class at the TYC.

BT_SantoshiKathrinTYC Director Kathrin always creates a beautiful environment for the students, including warm scented towels before every session, and tea and vegan snacks for every break, and shares her joy and love of TriYoga with everyone she meets. Eva-Maria returns to Bad Tölz next week for the next session of the Level 1 TT, as the interns progress through the Earth series.

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