Prana Vidya Certification Weekend at TYC, Santa Cruz

///Prana Vidya Certification Weekend at TYC, Santa Cruz

February 22 – 24 was the first Prana Vidya certification weekend at TrYoga Center Santa Cruz.


Kaliji led a perfectly-paced weekend of jnana, philosophical knowledge, personal experience and practical information.


During practicum sessions, students and interns divided into groups.


Kaliji spent time with each group ~


Senior teacher Nandi offers anatomical knowledge of the process of breathing…


Senior teacher John (DJ) gives encouragement to practicing teachers…


And senior teacher Stef (DS) enthusiastically helps beginners and intermediate students.

Those attending now apply to TYI for Basics and Level 1 Prana Vidya Certification, and all are invited to the next Prana Vidya weekend at TYC SC on May 17-19!

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