Prana Healing

TriYoga teacher Beverly from New Orleans will undergo brain surgery on Wed. Nov. 12, and then radiation following her recovery from surgery.

Fellow New Orleans TY teacher Lalita writes:

Beverly is an amazing kind and generous person. She is a stellar TriYoga teacher who gives 10,000% to everyone in all of her classes. She teaches even when she struggles with brain tumor related problems and does not feel physically well. She will teach and you will never know that she, herself, is struggling. She flows beautifully, epitomizing the TriYoga Flows.

She has had a brain tumor for many years (since I have known her which is like 15 years). She lives with the threat of brain tumor complications yet, is always upbeat, smiling and full of good humor, embracing life to the max. She is extremely loved here in New Orleans, by the TriYoga and yoga community. Beverly is also an incredible ceramic artist and can be seen with Kaliji and one of her recent art sculptures. More of her work can be seen on her website,

Please send waves of healing prana for Beverly as she completes the surgery and radiation.

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