Prana Healing ~

Denny Gardner, husband of TY teacher Debbi (PA), underwent surgery for a brain tumor last week. The surgery was successful, the tumor removed and Denny resting comfortably.

In less than 10 days after surgery, Denny recovered complete use of his left hand, which had gone limp due to the swelling in the brain caused by the tumor. Doctors, family, and friends are overjoyed that the surgery itself appears to have had no damaging effects. Shortly, Denny will undergo radiation treatment to rid the body of any microscopic cancer cells still remaining. Debbi is due to complete her own chemo treatments in March, and family and friends continue to provide greatly appreciated care and support through this time.

Let us send waves of healing prana to Denny and Deb as they continue to progress to full healing.

Denny, Debbi and close friend Theresa (L3 teacher from PA)

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