Portland ~ Oct 30-Nov 1

///Portland ~ Oct 30-Nov 1

The weekend of Oct 30, Kaliji made her annual trip to Portland. When she first began touring in the US in the ’90s, Portland was the first place that Kaliji traveled to. Each year students old and new come to Kaliji’s program at the Multnomah Athletic Club, one of the largest athletic clubs in the US.

Latika and Dede, along with Barbara (not shown), organize Kaliji’s program.

Nandi offered alignment assistance in the program sessions. Here, she deepens Bhavani’s spinal rotation.

With Rob

Thalia, who met Kaliji in 1992.

Nandi assista Thalia

Kaliji and Mercury chanted as part of the program sessions.

Megha Devi, director of production for PETA, always offers seva

and photographer Dede is always ready to get the shot!

Jennifer attended her first TY program with Kaliji this weekend, and plans to return again and again.

And other long-time students also came ~ such as Joan, seen here with Kaliji

Bhavani and Joan

Chris and Nandi

And Jana is always there to bring fun and laughter to all.

Joe and Dede host Kaliji each year in their home.


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