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Project Description

Lanzhou Xiayu TriYoga Center

TriYoga Center Lanzhou aims to be a first-class yoga health center in China, bringing  the essence of ancient yoga to modern life.  The TYC Lanzhou staff, along with visiting TriYoga  senior teachers, hope to share the yoga culture: health, happiness, wisdom, grace of movement, joy and harmony to our daily lives. We embrace the plant-based diet and provide information, education and resources for students.

The studio has 3 classrooms: a private classroom, a medium-size classroom for 8 people, and a big classroom for 14 people.  The inclusive  facility offers small class sizes (8-10 people) with professional and individual guidance.  We are active in the yoga world, attracting many to the TriYoga system, as students and to the TriYogaTeacher Training program.

In order to meet the needs of all kinds of students, the studio has a variety of member class time options from 6:30 am – 21:00pm. Classes include TriYoga Basics, Level One, Free the Hips, Free the Spine, Prana Vidya, Chanting, and private classes.  TYC Lanzhou also offers regular workshops (Basics to Level 3) and ongoing Teacher Trainings (Basics to Level 2)

Contact: Liya
Phone: 13919895590
Location: 165 Qing yang road , Chen guan area, Lanzhou city , Gan su province the flow