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People for Animals

May 2018


People For Animals (PFA)  in Mysore, India is a nonprofit animal welfare organization which provides rescue, treatment, shelter, care, and rehabilitation for sick and abandoned animals. PFA services include an animal care clinic, a wildlife rehabilitation center, an animal ambulance, and animal adoption and birth control. It conducts numerous educational programs and publishes instructional materials on animal welfare and care.  PFA’s mission includes raising awareness of animal rights and ecology, and producing environmental and animal friendly legislation. PFA is the first-of-its-kind in Mysore, and is supported solely by donations and sponsorships

PFA Mysore is in need of a new digital x-ray machine, which is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of the many animals in need who pass through the PFA clinic. The current x-ray machine is aging and ineffective, and limits PFA’s ability to provide care to animals in need.

PFA Mysore Director Savitha Nagabhushan writes:
“We need to upgrade the

[x-ray] unit since we get so many accident & trauma cases every day. Our present one does not give very clear picture.” 

After visiting PFA Mysore and seeing the great work being done there, the manufacturer offered the x-ray machine at a reduced cost. However, the $8000 price is still far beyond PFA’s ability to pay.

PFA Mysore founder Savitha Nagabhushan
Savitha Nagabhushan has been an animal activist since her early 20s. She began her mission with an undercover photography exposé of street dogs being killed in India. After her photos reached prime minister Indira Gandhi, a law was passed which stopped the killing. When Kaliji asked Savitha if she was vegan or vegetarian, she replied: “There is only vegan or not vegan, no vegetarian.”

Yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga and SIVA (Serve International Vegan Awareness), has been a vegan for over 40 years. She first met People for Animals on a visit to Mysore in 2011, and has spread awareness of their work ever since. the flow