Partner Stretch at TYC Santa Cruz

///Partner Stretch at TYC Santa Cruz

The recent Partner Stretch class in Santa Cruz on February 4th had 9 participants. They were guided by Senior Teacher Gina and Level 2 TY teacher Angela to give and receive supported and deepened stretches. This kind of assisting enabled students to sustain postures for a longer period of time with enhanced and supported alignment. Besides the possibility of being able to develop their postures to a new level, all students enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of supported, long sustained postures. Many experience the possibility of breakthroughs in certain postures that they have never experienced before. Students learn the principles of providing optimal hands on and use of props. There were many opportunities for double assisting of postures as Gina and Angela visited the partner groups to guide and provide additional assistance. Students who are giving assistance are also taught awareness and technique of maintaining good posture whilst helping their partner. If individuals require alternative or modified postures due to any body issues or injuries they are working through these options were also offered.

A variety of stretches were offered including forward bends, backward bends, seated and reclined twists, standing postures and hip opening postures. The wall was used to support and enhance assistance in some postures such as side warrior, triangle and extended shoulder stretch. Students were offered more basic stretches where needed and more advanced stretches according to student abilities. In this way, the experience was tailored to the specific needs of each partner.

In partner stretch we can come with a partner or meet a partner at the workshop.  Students were also shown how to do some posture massage during and after the assisted stretches as additional options.

Focusing on the breath is continually emphasized in order to optimize the benefits derived from long sustained, supported and deepened postures.

The atmosphere was quiet, meditative and calm with students deeply focused on the joy of giving and receiving.

This is another wonderful way to deepen your TriYoga practice. We encourage you to try it and see for yourself!

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