Our Beloved Ahimsa

Our beloved Ahimsa left this body on Thursday, January 3, surrounded by family and friends.

Dear Ahimsa,

“Ahimsa” … “non-harming”…perfect name Sri Kaliji gave to you.

“Mother of the Universe”…perfect name you gave to Sri Kaliji.

“Son of the Universe”…another perfect name Kaliji gave to you. Anyone who can make people laugh the way you did, DESERVES such a name.

No matter what it was, you could ALWAYS make a joke and see the humor, accompanied by your full and joyous laughter.

It was really fun being with you…I’d always await with eagerness your arrival. I laughed so much…. Thank you for that.

JanaDeva is pretty funny too, but you’re much funnier. 🙂

You’re probably telling jokes over there too.

I love the way you LOVED to kiss Kaliji’s feet each time you visited, and how much you enjoyed Kaliji’s playfulness…like interlacing Her toes, laughing kriyas, and other fun siddhis.

I love the way you love Betty so much, and how much she loves you. How wonderful.

I will miss you, but I know our paths will cross again…

…then we will laugh together some more.

Much love and a big hug,
Jaya Guru Devi
Guru Mata Ki Jai!


...in the flow