Norfolk, VA ~ Oct 19 & 20

///Norfolk, VA ~ Oct 19 & 20

After the retreat at Yogaville, Kaliji traveled to Norfolk for two full days of programs.

Kaliji with TY teachers Brian and Gabrielle ~ Gabrielle has been teaching TY in Norfolk for over 10 years and has a wonderful group of students. She hosted Kaliji and organized the programs and events.

With Kim and Lisa, owners of “The Space Above”, the yoga studio where the programs were held. They said they were very happy to have found TriYoga and met Kaliji.

“Thank you for your presence here”, said Kim when Kaliji was leaving, “it does not leave but stays in this place, it is charged with so much energy.”

TY teacher Brian assisted at the programs. Each of the four sessions was full to capacity, with a long waiting list.

The first TriYoga flag, handmade by Cindy. TY flags are available for purchase from her.

Gregory, husband of Kim, co-owner of the “Space Above”, made over 40 delicious vegan cupcakes for everybody to enjoy after the evening program. After everyone’s minds were nourished with jnana (Subtle Anatomy) and hearts filled from chanting, they enjoyed the wonderful prasad. Greg is well known in town for his bakery.

TriYoga students from VA, who met Kaliji for the first time this weekend. They are longtime friends, practicing TriYoga and music together. They call themselves a “tripod”, because they hold each other up. From left to right Priscilla, Liz, Elyse.

Norfolk is also the hometown of Stephanie, who is now teaching TY all over the world together with her partner John. Stephanie’s parents Neil and Pat came to see Kaliji, and Pat also attended the classes. They said that they are so happy for Stephanie and John to be doing that which they love so much, teaching TriYoga.

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